Rural Development for Employment

December 30, 2019
Front line: Understanding migration and building cohesive societies
June 27, 2020

General objectives

The project aims to explore possibilities of rural development to tackle unemployement  and depopulation. 

These possibilities may include sustainable tourism, practices of coproduction and Sustainable start up among the others.​ 

Specific Objectives– To share best practices between organizations in Europe dealing with depopulation and rural development;- To point out the main issues and topics arising from contexts of depopulation and their communities;- To develop guidelines for local and educational authorities for the possible measures to prevent the phenomenon and its dynamics thanks to template of activities included in the final toolkit;- To train key figures (unemployed adults, workers and members of rural depopulated communities (or at risk of depopulation), operators and entrepreneurs working already in those contexts, policy makers in the field and members of local institutions, trainers and mentors in vocational guidance and employability) and stimulate them to develop and adopt new techniques concerning rural development;- To promote multidisciplinary approaches in dealing with challenges present in these settings and empowering participants to work on their competencies and tools for social (and economic) change;- To point out good and bad practices in Europe;- To build bridges between companies, institutions and authorities disseminating the toolkit developed;- To promote conceptual tools for policy makers and entrepreneurship on start up business and actions for socioeconomic re-qualification activities;- To raise awareness on the key role of cultural heritage in defining a European identity;- To promote the importance of EU values, democracy and citizenship. 

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Toolkit with video lessons: