Migrants in Europe: Promoting Inclusion, Tolerance and Dialogue

A Network for NEET mobility NET-NEET
A Network for NEET mobility NET-NEET
April 10, 2017
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December 4, 2018

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Erasmus+  Adult education staff mobility


Project TitleMigrants in Europe: Promoting Inclusion, Tolerance and Dialogue

Start: 13-06-2017 – End: 12-06-2019

The project is promoted by Itaka training together with a national consortium of other 6 Italian organizations: DEMOSTENE Centro Studi; Associazione Integrazioni Calabria; Liceo Tommaso Campanella; Sifi – Social Innovation for Inclusion;  Insieme Coop. Sociale Onlus; Associazione La Mimosa; and Kairos Europe the UK training provider.

The project will help its participants gain a greater understanding of the issues that affect non-EU migrants and people with disadvantaged backgrounds when integrating in European countries. Through the workshops, lectures, panel discussions, networking and sharing of ideas the participant will learn about the British responses refugees and asylum seekers. Given that the two types of immigration affecting the two countries are of different nature and entity, the fact that the UK has been a land of immigration for a long time and that migrants have settled down here for many generations, creating a very multicultural society is significant. Despite such integration patterns are not applicable today, they can still be used as an example to look at.

30 participants will be selected from the consortium’s staff. All the members have expressed the necessity to acquire skills in discussing, learning and observing historical and current migration trends and having a greater insight on some of the issues, dilemmas and solutions that many non-EU migrants face.

-Description of activities
Introduction to forced migration with a special insight on international human rights/international refugee law, migrant’s rights in the UK and a particular view on special protection for minors. Visit and workshop in a charity working with young refugees; focus on the psycho-social aspects of immigration, on the responses to integration problems through culture and faith awareness.

The project results will be the creation of a blog and a Facebook page with easy access to everybody; establish new ways and ideas for promoting common European values, intercultural dialogue ad tackle social exclusion focusing on non-EU refugee and asylum seeking communities; acquiring new skills for training teachers, mentors, community workers and leaders; equipping participants with the right intercultural awareness and communication skills necessary to relate with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds (with a focus on refugees)

Participants will have a deeper understanding of the current changes taking place in the European society (with a focus on the UK and Italy) and its multiculturalism; they will make sense of diversity, be able to talk about it productively and meaningfully. Also, they will get new ideas on how to update their approach and methods and on how to help migrants/refugees in need. It will also give the participants the confidence to develop a more international approach in their daily work.

For more info about the project please send an email to info@itakatraining.org